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YAMS – Securities and Employment Mediation

Mediation & Arbitration

Jim Yellen, founder of Yellen Arbitration and Mediation Services, has over thirty years of experience in securities law. He brings a wealth of experience to the mediation arena.

Securities Mediation

Having founded YAMS, Yellen Arbitration and Mediation Services, in 2006, Jim Yellen has completed over one thousand security and employment mediations. He is an evaluative mediator. At the end of the day, you will know where you stand. Jim Yellen has a 90 percent settlement rate.

Employment Mediation

In employment matters, Jim Yellen has represented both account executives and management. As a mediator, he has a finely-honed sensitivity to the issues debated in wrongful discharge, discrimination, retaliatory actions, promissory note claims and wage and hour cases.

Commercial Litigation

Jim Yellen’s experience with Commercial Litigation includes partnership disputes, attorneys’ fees dispute, business interruption and coverage disputes, insurance and coverage disputes.

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